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Here you can find all information needed to get started with targeted marketing at the FootballAway website and print products. To receive our Media Kit please send a brief description about your company to
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and we will send you a kit.

FootballAway - the better option when targeting football supporters

If you are targeting domestic or international supporters a marketing campaign might be the solution for you. FootballAway is much more than just a football ground guide with pubs and directions. 100% of our registered users are attending one or more football match away from home this season and 100%* of our users are normally visiting a pub when going to football.

Who can advertise at FootballAway? We are currently only accepting products/services/venues which are or can relate to football or the experience of football away from home.

Why advertise with FootballAway? Reach out to thousands of active football supporters and take part in our targeted marketing strategy.

For more information regarding our target market and user demo- / geographichs please contact
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The website ( -The most up-to-date and informative and inclusive guide for English football:

- FootballAway is 100% run by football supporters spread over many clubs.

- We have our own team of "editors" who are verifying and updating content, as can registered users also do.

-  Find information regarding how to get to stadiums (English and Euro grounds), home and away pubs, nighlife (where to go out before / after the match), football songs, match-day tips, ticket information and accommodation tips.

- Free membership for users, this gives users advanced search options, access to free download sections, more access to content, can leave reviews/ratings, can participate in competitions, receive exclusive matchday information via email and download free money saving vouchers.

- All advertisement can be geo targeted, customised and fitted for your needs. Sample: What about a venue search bar next to the home and away listings? This is perfect for chains of pubs or restaurants.

Recommended for: All services / products / venues targeting people in local area and/or football supporters.

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for more information and advertisement positions

Downloads / Print media:

As a part of our service we do provide our users with the possibility to download FREE pocketguides these are very popular one page guides which can be folded to fit in a pocket. In the guide is all basic information included such as: local map with listings, local travel instructions, recommended football pubs, recommended places to eat / nightlife, languages for beginners (important phrases and words if the stadium is outside the UK) and important contact information.

The itineraries are one page suggestions what and where to do things in selected cities. The itineraries are divided into three categories: Boys Night, Family and Couples.

Both of these print medias are also handed out by many of our partners. i.e. Supporter clubs are using them in their magazines, travel agencies are handing them out with tickets/hotel vouchers etc.

Recommended for: Taxi services, venues (both football related and normal), breweries / distilleries, hotels, casino and such which are targeting either boys families or "romantic couples".

For more information regarding pocketguides / itineraries please contact
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Events / Meeting Points:

Our events have already become very popular around the tested stadiums in both the Premier League and the Football League. Our events are planned and ran individually. Samples of previous events are;
- Matchday meeting point: This means we are using one selected pub as a meeting point outside your stadium. At the pub we have our own promotion team who are hosting competitions where patrons can win great prizes. Entertainment is also available if needed. Normally we recommend our users to come to the meeting point 3-4 hours before kick-off.
- Legends nights: We can through our partners offer a very special night for your club with legends nights. This can be the night before a big match or in a low season to get more business to your venue. Our night normally consist of welcome drink, dinner with one or more legends (club related or general football legend), Q and A with the legend, picture session and party after. We do also provide some memorabilia to use as prizes in raffle or other competitions.
- Football Away  trips: At selected matches or on demand we do offer bus or train trips to away games from selected cities (Only the larger ones). These trips are special in several ways: normally they include snacks/refreshments (from selected partners), pit-stops at selected pub(s) on the way to the destination and on arrival. When arriving back home again we normally stops outside another pub/nightclub/restaurant where we do have a guestlist for the ones who're not ready for bed yet.

Suitable for: Venues (both football related and normal), coach companies and breweries / distilleries.

These are just samples of some of the events we are promoting and running. If you have other suggestions or wants to learn more about our events, please contact
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Other Print and Electronic media:

- Banners and posters: We are currently running a campaign with 5000 posters and banners strategically placed outside/inside key locations. Our sponsors of the month gets their own advertisement on these. 
- Newsletter: We are sending out a monthly newsletter to our users and are accepting very limited advertisement on these, please contact
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for more information. 
- E-mail marketing: We do NOT send out normal e-mail marketing to our users - we ONLY send out area / club / city related updates. This can be if there is a special event going on, changes in transportation, meeting points etc.

Who will get the most out of advertising with FootballAway?

- Hospitality businesses. Pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels nearby a ground and / or with good transport connections to a football ground in the English league system
- Hospitality business around main roads. Pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels next to one of the high roads accross the country which are good "pit stops" for supporters who drive their own car/bus.
- Transport businesses. I.e. taxi and bus.
- Other football related businesses. I.e. Supporter effects or products.
- Businesses who target the demo-, psycho graphic of FootballAway users.

Benefit from FootballAway's domestic and international marketing by advertising in wanted area/club site which we drive traffic to from not only UK but most of Europe and Asia.

* According to a user poll August/September 2010


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