Updating FootballAway

football_away_laptopSorry for the delay of the update, but our team is working as hard as possible, and it should be finished pretty soon!!

Here is just a few of the major updates:

- Click here to see full list of services and products from FootballAway

- Complete rejuvenation of the layout and flow.

- Lots of new partners which provide us with the possibility to host even more competitions and offer exclusive deals and offers 

- Our in-house news team is providing even more content - such as many more guides, betting tips, match previews, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes reports and more

New and unique services - We can mention just a few of these: Personalized "Your Team" Startpages, FREE Live Football Support, News in the Media, Football Wiki and Battle of the Fans going online!

The launch of Fans United - This is a brand new concept from FootballAway. To find out what it is, please call back soon :)


When is it finished?

The update should not take too long, and is due to be finished Sunday 13th February 2011. You can still use FootballAway and its services, but there might be some funny graphic errors here and there, but we are currently fixing this.