10 Sexy Reasons Why Men Love International Breaks
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10 Sexy Reasons Why Men Love International Breaks Hot

There are many reasons to love International breaks, but when its mostly friendly games, it is not that interesting, but anyway - we have found 10+ reasons why many men love these breaks. And yes this article include some sexy images. For our female users, do not worry, the girls in the team are working on a version for you.

Author: FootballAway

While searching around for these images, we came across some funny ones, some crazy pictures and some pictures not suitable for a normal website at all, and to be fair, we can not say this is the best of the best either as we are pretty sure there are thousands of more sexy reasons to love the international football breaks. The list is not 1-10 where 10 is the best, its more like 10 of the best :)

A half naked England supporter cheering

Come on England! Might be a little bit cold to be like this at Wembley during the Winter Season.

A good luck kiss

A Dutch Good Luck Kiss. Have a feeling he felt like he won anyway?

Brazil Supporters having fun in the stands

Even if your team is loosing against Brazil, it doest not have to be all bad!

One very hot Argentinian Supporter

No wonder Carlos Tevez want to go back to Argentina!

Pretty and curvy football fan from Germany

5-1! But in my opinion Germany should at least had two!

Italian supporters during the football world cup in the stadium

Italians have got more than just Pizza and a country shaped as a boot.

Spanish football supporters in the stadium

Won the last World Cup and the Euros - Didnt do too bad in the stands either.

Scandinavian football supporters are represented sometimes

Sweden is represented in several Play-offs, and it is a shame Norway isnt represented even more.

Paraguay should be allowed to play football in Europe

In our opinion we think Paraguay should be allowed to play in Europe. And pretty sure Mr Blatter could make this happen;)

Larissa Riquelme - the most popular football fan

Another reason why Paraguay should play in Europe - Larissa Riquelme is probably the most popular football fan in the World.

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