Create Your own Football Events or Take Part in Our or Other Supporter Events

Thinking of a Stag party (bachelor party) with a football match as one of the ingredients? Are you a fan club coming to England to watch your favourite football team? Or maybe you are a group of boys having a weekend out with a football game? Why not host a dinner with Q & A with a legend from your club or maybe a poker tournament with a dealer and tournament director in your club colours?

F.A. Football Events - Something for Everyone!

We try to create events suitable for most supporters: young or old, male or female, reds or blues, but we have to be honest, most of our active users are male and supporting the bigger teams. Which againg mean we produce more events suitable for these. But fear not! You can either request a event or you can create your own! Our events are NOT to make you pay us lots of money, we always try to make it as affordable as possible and we are not adding ANYTHING to the cost of the event!

User Uploaded / Promoted Football Events

Registered football away users have the opportunity to upload and promote their own football related event (we are not affiliated in anyway with these). This can be club or general football related events and, are created by footballfans themself.

If you are part of a fan / suppoerters club (i.e. Denmark Tottenham Supporters on Tour) it is always nice to have several events during a match weekend, why not host your very own Legends Dinner with a previous Tottenham player? We are also more than happy to help you with great prizes for Pub Quizes, for example a signed Tottenham shirt. Please get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries.

Partner Created (Football) Events

As a registered member of FootballAway you get the opportunity to join special events created by our partners. These events can include pre-match dinners, Cup final events, mud-wrestling competition or pretty much anything really. At many of these events you will get a discounted or even better free entry as a FootballAway member!

Create your own legends dinner with legends of your clubCustomise Your Own Football Event / Party / Dinner (Perfect for 6+ Fans, Supporter and Fan Clubs)

It is easier than ever to customise your own football experience. This can be a dinner and Q & A with a previous player from your club, a poker tournament for the boys with a dealer and tournament director in your club colours. We provide you with a Do-it-Yourself guide or you can use our Enquiry and Compare Service for events and let a company give you a price on YOUR event.


For a "Legends" Dinner will we do all the booking of your legend, book the venue, create invitations and we can even offer a professional photographer to make sure everything is ready to go into the memory books. If you need transportation we are more than happy to arrange this for you as well, this can be mini-bus, coach or even private car service.
Another popular twist to the Legends Dinner is to host a quiz before or after the dinner, we are more than happy to provide both host and prizes for events like this. What about have a Quiz with a previous Liverpool player hosting the award show after the quiz?
The cost of all these events are depending on which Legends are available, how many people and if food is included etc. Please send an enquiry to us for more details and with any questions you might have about how to customise your own footballevent.


sexy_tottenham_fans_football_away_platinum_laceStag Party / Bachelor Party with a football match as one of the ingredients have become more and more popular. A stag party (bachelor party) in London can include a football match with Tottenham at White Hart Lane, Arsenal at The Emirates, Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (you get the picture, all clubs in London), a Limo-service driving you and your party to the most popular gentlemen clubs in London, and maybe some paintball in the middle of London?

The options are many for what is suitble for stag parties, and we have much more ideas, but we can not put them out here, maybe the groom to be find out what you are planning for him next?

We are also proud partner with many casino's and poker clubs in London, Manchester and Liverpool, if you and your stag party is up for a private poker tournament. Most of these places are located in the Central of the Cities and are in walking distance from some very good pubs and clubs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your enquiry!