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It can be great fun to have a quick pint in a strip pub/club either before or after the match. When we go to an away game we often have a pit-stop in a local club. In our listing you can find both cheap pound-in-a-cup and upper class strip clubs. 

Note: Most strip clubs in Soho (London) is not recommended, this from various reasons. In most strip clubs you are not very welcome if you wear a football shirt. But if you go to a strip pub (also known as pound in a cup) they do not care. In these places you are most likely to have a very good laugh. 

Where do you find gentlemen's clubs listed on the site?

You can find gentlemen's clubs by using the list nightlife option from the main menu and list gentlemens clubs from the list or click the "Nightlife" tab from wanted club/ground.

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