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FootballAway is a very popular and the most up-to-date and informative football guide there is for English football, including Premier League, Championship, League 1 and 2. You will find most information needed for your next match! Below you can a more detailed list of our products and services, if you are a webmaster, blog-owner or editor looking for football content, please see the section at the bottom of this site.

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Stadium Directions (Train, Underground and Public Transport)

This section is important when you are travelling to a new stadium / ground. If you don't want to spend several hours looking for the football-stadium, it is a good idea to plan ahead.

If you are travelling by train, we have gathered not only the best train stations to use, but also several money saving tips for train travel.

Car Pooling With Other Football Supporters

NEW SERVICE! This is a brand new service from FA, and give the supporters the opportunity to post and reply for FREE to adverts about sharing a car/bus/coach to your next match, this can be as a Liverpool supporter travelling to an away game against Tottenham in London, or a Manchester United supporter living in London and going to a home game at Old Trafford.

Clubs and Grounds

You can find information about all 92 clubs and grounds from the Premier League and the three Football Leagues. Wembley and Millennium Stadium are also included, plus we are including European stadiums as the season goes on.

All related information from the list below is stated at every club and ground. I.e. at the Manchester United and Old Trafford page you can find Man Utd ticket information, how to get to Old Trafford guides etc.

List all clubs & grounds | Search for club or ground

Football Tickets (both Premier League Tickets and Football League Tickets)

FootballAway have partnered up with the largest official ticket providers in the UK and overseas. You can compare offers and choose the best offer for you.

Football Pubs – Both Home and Away Friendly

We have gathered information about football pubs near every stadium, and are trying to keep it as up to date as possible at all time. All related pubs are also listed under every club.

You can even submit your own favourite pub if it is missing, by doing so you are automatically in the monthly raffle, where you can win great prizes.

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Live Help and Support Chat

get live help with football tickets or football travelWe are proud to present the FootballAway Live Help and Support Chat. The chat is 100% FREE for our registered users. If you are having problems with booking football tickets, train tickets, or any other football in England related issues - you can contact our live chat, and one of our team members will do everything they can to help you.

Please note, even though we do our best to help you with problems or information regarding partners and 3rd party sites - this information is not official and is based on our experience with the sites.


Driving and Walking Directions

This section is for supporters which are either planning to drive or walk to a stadium. You can find information about sat-nav postcode, parking options and interactive maps.

Search Football Parking

Nightlife in Local City

When travelling with your favourite team in and outside of the UK it is always nice to make a weekend out of it. You will find recommended nightlife listings by us and by fellow supporters under both relevant club and under our selected mini city guides.

List all nightlife listings

Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Gastro-Pubs

Find great places for drinks and food. Note: most of these places are not too keen about football tops and colours (safety reasons).

List all pubs, bars, restaurants and gastro pubsSearch Nightlife

Poker & Casino

Some of us enjoy a chill out game of poker or a little round of black jack, we have included the best of the best of casinos and poker clubs in local cities.

List all Casino and Poker listings | FootballAway Poker Tournaments

Gentlemen/Strip Clubs in Local City

find strip clubs in london, manchester, newcastle and liverpoolIt is nothing wrong with enjoying a pint in a local strip pub / club before or after a match. You can find these listings either by search or listed under relevant club.

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Football Songs and Chants

If you are not lucky enough to hold a season ticket, or are attending English football matches regularly, it can be hard to stay up to date with all the songs. All related songs are listed under your club and ground page.

List all Football Songs & Chants

Football Forums and Websites

Since FootballAway is a guide for all clubs in the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two – we do not include any forums and we try to provide neutral information regarding all clubs. But we have listed many good and recommended sites for most clubs.

Football Jokes

We are providing a small but very good collection of football related jokes, you can search and pick your favourites.

Football Hotels

find sexy hotels in london, manchester, liverpool and other football groundsWhen going to an away game or visiting your favourite team in a different city, you might be in need of a place to sleep. We try to not only recommend single hotels, but do it more broadly and recommend areas and tools to use, this can save you a lot of money.

Save money on football hotels (Guide) Top Secret Hotels



Travel Guides

Hundreds of thousands of football supporters are travelling up and down the UK to attend football matches every week. Here at football away you will find many different guides about how to travel around and money saving tips.

Fans United

Fans United is football away’s mini site for promoting the togetherness of fans and are supporting fair play on and off the pitch. In this section we are also supporting local communities and charities. If you have got or know about  a charity you feel we should include, just send us an email and let us know.

City Guides

We provide a handful of city guides for selected cities. These provide a summary of all our listings related to selected city.

Betting Tips

You will find a weekly article about good matches to bet on. We will provide you with a analysis of the matches we are selecting.

Best of the Best (Top Lists)

We all love football and football top lists - here at football away you can find top lists about pretty much everything related to football.

Meet the Fans of English Football

In this section we do a weekly feature of football supporters with a different story and their top tips to other supporters.

Match Related News

Match related news is being updated when they occur, this can be travel updates such as train cancellations, closed roads and such.

Football Content For Your Publication

FootballAway consist of writers from many nationalities, supporting many different team and representing a wide age range. The one thing we have in common is that we are all being trained in writing football related content for different uses. eg. - Football Blurbs (We are at the moment delivering these to a wide range of blogs, betting sites and magasines) - Football Articles (These can be standard news articles, or SEO optimised articles) - Football Link Bait (We are currently creating a wide specter of link baits for our clients) If you are interested in more information about this service, please get in touch with us on email: info a footballaway . co . uk